Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy


  • Madhya Pradesh is home to Asia's largest solar power plant (135 MW at Neemuch) and soon going to become home to world's largest solar power plant (750 MW at Rewa)
  • The state has a very progressive policy framework for Renewable Energy sector which has resulted in tripling of capacity in the last five years (332 MW to 2,567 MW)
  • Additionally, about 9,000 MW of projects are under construction in the state, in the sector
  • Key players operating in the state include Gamesa Wind, Vikram Solar, Suzlon, Inox Winds and Continuum Wind


  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Related equipment & machinery


  • No Electricity Duty for first 10 Years
  • Third party/Captive sale is allowed
  • Sale outside the state permitted (Solar)
  • 100% banking is permitted
  • Wheeling charges reduced to 2%
  • No VAT and entry tax
  • Benefits of Industry Status
  • Reduction in contract demand
  • 100% CDM benefit to developer
  • Bankable document for revenue land (on right to use basis)
  • Only application is required in conversion to NA land usage status
  • 50% stamp duty exemption on private land purchase